Tulare Hospital Foundation

Financial gifts donated to the Tulare Hospital Foundation secure medical technology to support the commitment of our physicians, surGatsby2016geons and staff to provide the best care right here in Tulare.

In addition to accepting charitable gifts, the Foundation conducts and coordinates various fundraisers to benefit Tulare Regional Medical Center.

Mission : The Tulare Hospital Foundation secures philanthropic support for Tulare Regional Medical Center, enhancing medical services and bringing healing comfort and high quality care to the people it serves.

Vision : Tulare Hospital Foundation strives to be the charity of choice for the greater Tulare Region, acting as ambassadors for Tulare Regional Medical Center inspiring trust & confidence among it constituents.

Values : Tulare Hospital Foundation endeavors to serve the community by conducting its operations with the highest level of professionalism.

  •  Trustworthy: We strive to be transparent in all our business dealings, to act with integrity and adhere to high ethical standards.
  •  Professional: We endeavor to be characterized by a courteous, conscientious, and businesslike manner in all interactions.
  •  Visionary: We seek to be guided by keen foresight toward the future.